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Build Performance is a unique facility that offers a tailored approach to your health and lifestyle goals.  Whether your goals are sport, body composition or general fitness our guiding principle is the same.  Health.  A body under significant allostatic load (that is functioning at a baseline incongruent with optimal health and wellness) can not achieve peak performance no matter what that means to the individual.  Your goal will be the priority, with the guiding principle of health always dictating the proper route to get there. 


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Captures your passive range and the active control you have over your given range. We will always push a joint through greater range of motion than one can control, however by closing the gap we can expect greater resilience to injury and an increased degree of freedom of a given limb
The other part of the mobility puzzle comes in recognizing how the body protects itself through optimal function of the raw material it has to work with. This raw material may contain a muscular chain with increased sympathetic tone (stiff muscle), a restricted capsule (lost or sloppy range), or a disorganized firing pattern brought upon by a previous injury or lifestyle routine. By optimizing both the local tissues and the systemic issues that may be at the root of the problem (sympathetic dominance, neural fatigue, etc) we can then work to safely and effectively gain more flexibility and control.
The ability of one to produce force both quickly and with great intensity is paramount in almost every activity we do. While these are two very distinct qualities, that must be trained as such, they also go hand in hand with one another to produce power and must be constantly monitored to ensure a balanced relationship between the two and optimal improvement in all goals whether that be competitive sport, having a body that burns calories at a higher rate or simply the ability to react to a fall down the stairs with less fragility.
— STRENGTH and Speed
Improving one’s energy systems has a profound affect on a multitude of biomarkers and objective real world outcomes. An increased aerobic system can take strain off the heart, and help the body recover faster, while glycolytic work may help to burn calories at an increased rate for hours after activity has ceased. And paying close attention to both of these systems will allow an athlete to actually demonstrate the power capabilities they possess through an entire match.
Strength training can lead to an uptick in specific hormonal release necessary to counteract the effects often seen in aging. A balanced autonomic regulatory system means a body that feels better and a brain that functions at a higher level. Specific stress induced to the heart can have positive affects on all systems, and optimizing nutrition means optimizing the gut, imperative to feeling and functioning at your best.


MY Philosophy

A body restored to proper health has an unbelievable capacity for near anything.  Wellness allows for consistency through injury avoidance, and perhaps more importantly through a promotion of desire. An organism minimally threatened by inner stressors can function well beyond its capacity for basic survival.  When combined with performance training, it allows anyone to achieve the feats that leave us all in awe.  


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About Me

I am a strength and conditioning coach based out of Fairfield County, CT.  I previously worked as an intern under the strength and conditioning department at Quinnipiac University.  I was later at both Amistad High School and Fairfield-Warde High School as the strength and conditioning coach, while simultaneously working at Quinnipiac Physical Therapy as both an aid and personal trainer.  Most recently, I was at Prentiss Human Performance for over 5 years.  I have worked extensively with a wide range of both athletes and general fitness clientele and have an enormous passion for all things related to the field.  

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