One on One Training

We Start with an evaluation where we will look at muscular imbalances and firing patterns, relevant performance and flexibility indices, as well as general markers of baseline human health to determine the most effective way to reach your goal and feel better than ever.  Focused training sessions last about one hour and should be scheduled 2-4 times a week for best results.  


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Every client is given a tailored program designed to help him or her reach their desired goal in all facets.  Attention will be given to particular attributes that are needed most, while contraindications will be avoided.  Above all, every plan will have a starting point and definitive direction to always push you closer to your goal, and your needs.



Recovery and Regeneration

Of equal importance to hard training is recovery and regeneration.  This is not a binary grouping, and the two are certainly not mutually exclusive.  The importance of understanding when specifically designed training will also lead to greater healing, and when passive means is more suited is paramount.  Our gym will offer proper prescription through a range of options from both recovery categories.  These include but are not limited to electronic muscle stimulation, Halo Brain Stimulation, recovery complexes, aerobic modalities, and in depth nutrition analysis.




We are excited to be affiliates of the Inside Tracker Program, a company dedicated to analyzing bio markers within the blood to not only avoid pathology but to ensure optimal performance in whatever endeavor you are pursuing.  Grounded in scientific research and numerous case studies, Inside Tracker reviews your blood work and delivers you an actionable plan of both lifestyle and dietary alterations that will help you see marked improvement in both your objective numbers the next time you test, and in how you feel on a daily basis.  On the immediate side, we offer customized post training smoothies with all whole food ingredients that are naturally packed full of the nutrition you need most.  

Energy System Classes

This can be initially thought of as your classic "cardio" class, however where we will differ is in providing guided metabolic work in the energy system (or more accurately, the combination of energy systems) you need most.  This may mean aerobic for the athlete or client in recovery or base level conditioning, this may mean anaerobic glycolytic for weight loss clients or this can mean alactic capacity for the athlete who is already strong and powerful and looking to improve the repeatability of these qualities.  Classes are monitored through heart rate and through individual output as it relates to their own capabilities.  



Movement Class

This class's goal is to acutely and chronically affect mental, joint, lymphatic and circulatory health in a positive manner, with human movement as the catalyst .  This will be done with a three tiered approach.  Each of the three focuses will build upon each other to facilitate the end goal of simply feeling better at the end than when you walked in.  It begins with breath work that should help optimize internal pressure and give joints a better starting position to avoid false positives of "tightness".  Next we move into your specific needs with focused mobility work aimed at expanding a range of motion for your goals.  And lastly we integrate.  Full body movements help to coordinate what we've built and garner lasting change with increased athletic awareness. 


Recovery and meditation

Movement and range of motion are put it to use in stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, while decreasing excess muscular tone and creating a shift in autonomic nervous system dominance.  Mindfulness will also be utilized to further facilitate this agenda while potentially maintaining telomeres, segments of noncoding DNA associated with reducing the negative signs of aging.  Heavy emphasis will also be placed on breathing techniques, utilizing singular focus, and self muscular resets to further deliver a shift to the parasympathetic nervous system, colloquially known as the rest and digest system that allows the body to enter a healing state.  



While flexibility can be thought of as the range of motion an individual possesses, mobility can be thought of as the ability of one to utilize a given range of motion.  This Class uses a variety of strategies to accomplish this goal including isometric, eccentric and dynamic efforts to allow the individual to not only increase their flexibility, but to also be strong, controlled and injury resilient within these ranges.


body Awareness and Active Control 

Aimed at improving control of different body positions in various range of motions, this is the most athletic appearing class.  Range of Motion will be important in the entering of many of the base positions found in this class, and various body weight maneuvers, such as crawling, tumbling, flow and balance work will serve to engrain coordination and rhythm within these patterns.  Both vital qualities to possess for healthy living and competitive sport.