TRAINING:  There are two major methods that will yield the greatest results with regard to an increased metabolism.  These methods include strength training and high intensity anaerobic work.  Both of these methods also have a positive effect on how nutrients are metabolized post workout, which will be expanded further upon in the nutrition portion.  

STRENGTH TRAINING- Lifting relatively heavy weights, meaning a weight performed for 6-12 repetitions, in which you could not perform more reps even if you wanted to is one of the best methods available to burn calories within a session.  A 45 minute session of heavy lifting may burn between 200-300 calories initially, however as your training age increases, this number can increase to over 500 calories a session. 
In addition, your metabolism will stay elevated for a longer period of time following the session than it would be with lighter weights done in a similar fashion.  The addition of muscle mass is also a very energy costly addition.  A pound of muscle may burn up to 35 calories a day on its own, and while often negligible, all of these little benefits add up.  This equates to higher resting metabolic rate.  Compound movements work best here as they produce a greater bang for your buck to accomplish all of the above mentioned benefits.  You may also pair the exercises to get a circuit effect, which will have a positive effect on EPOC (below) as well.
Perhaps the greatest effect can be seen in hormonal profiles.  Resistance training can improve hormonal levels that are often thrown out of sync during dieting, and offer the benefit of better body composition in their own right.

HIGH INTENSITY ANAEROBIC WORK- This may come in many different forms.  Two great methods are intervals and circuit training.  For this type of training you want a heart rate that is 80% plus of your resting heart rate.  This is a 8+ intensity level, or a pace at which you have to catch your breath afterwards.  This type of training not burns a lot of calories during the workout itself, but also leads to an elevated post oxygen consumption demand.  This has the potential to leave your metabolism elevated for up to 24 hours post workout.  

(Begin with a fast paced high intensity circuit to promote fat mobilization and lower glycogen stores within the muscles to further promote fat usage)

Set a 10 minute timer and perform 20 seconds of each for a total of 80 seconds, followed by a 40 second break.  This will take exactly 2 minutes to complete 1 round. You will compete 5 rounds total.  Pace will be maximal.

Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Scottish Jumps, High Knee High Punch

Part Two is a lower body strength workout designed to be done in a hotel room that will begin with the hardest exercise and move on to the easiest with no rest, there by increasing strength, endurance and further depleted glycogen stores.  Rest 60 seconds and repeat for 3 sets total. 

Split Squat- 10 reps each Leg
Glute Bridge With Shoulders Elevated On A Chair-20

Upper Body Complex To be Done in Same Manner

Chair Push-ups- 10
Plank to Push-up Position Elevated or Flat- 10 (5 Each)
I Hold on Belly- 30s
Y Hold on Belly- 30s
T Hold on Belly- 30s

Core Finish-

Hollow Body Hold on Back- 6 x 10 seconds on/ 10 seconds off